An electric semi-trailer, by Tesla.

Electric vehicles

Like it or not, electric cars will soon be everywhere. Will Australia be ready?

Australia is dragging its heels on the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) — but we are approaching a point where ultimately we will have no choice. We don’t mass-produce cars here anymore, so we are totally reliant on overseas markets to supply us with what we want.

Electric cars can’t cope!

In the 2019 election Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:

They haven’t got the range!

The development of re-charging infrastructure often comes up in debate about electric cars — “there’s not enough of them” people say, “it’s too slow”.

The Stats

Despite the popular mythology about the great distances Aussies have to travel, the average Australian car goes about 13,000 kms a year — that’s around 35 kms a day. Most EVs sold in Australia will get 300–450 kms on one charge, so that’s just shy of 10 days of travel on one overnight charge. Let’s be on the cautious side and say you could probably get away with charging once a week.

Let’s get a move on!

As I said at the beginning, very soon we won’t have a choice about using cars powered by electricity. If we don’t want to become a dumping ground for the unwanted leftovers of more progressive overseas markets, we need to actually plan for it, and not leave ourselves to play catch-up.